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  • The 3rd call for applications for mobilities to Europe is now closed

  • The 3rd call for applications for mobilities to Asia is now closed.

  • The EXPERTS4Asia project closed on 14 July 2017.


       Main Objectives of the EXPERTS4Asia Project:

To enhance the international cooperation capacity of the participating institutions from SSEA by transferring and sharing know-how and best practices, administrative capacities, and training the next generation of researchers and academic staff

To exchange ideas, views and knowledge among the partners from both SSEA and EU, thus creating opportunities for enhanced communication, collaboration, cultural awareness, and understanding the roles of HEIs

To promote EU Higher Education Systems in the participating third countries, in particular to enhance the attractiveness of European higher education in the region

To promote cooperation between sending and hosting institutions- with the goal to increase the compatibility of Higher Education Systems in the EU and Asia and their joint efforts in partnership by facilitating transfer of know-how and good practices


In the long run, joint study programs shall be developed and implemented. At PhD and Post-Doc level, priority will be given to the joint development of innovative and high quality research proposals relevant to the region. Half of academic mobilities will be given to staff from international relations offices in order to train them in internationalisation.

One of the main goals of the EXPERTS4Asia Project is to give continuity and sustainability to the successful multilateral collaboration created in previous projects while including new players in the Erasmus Mundus program. The consortium is composed of 5 countries from group A (Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan) and 7 countries from group B (China, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Thailand). All together, the consortium consists of 13 universities from SSEA and 7 universities from EU allowing the coverage of as many subject areas as possible.


The project has multifaceted objectives: it aims on the one hand to focus on excellence in technical fields and on the other to strengthen mobility in a wide range of disciplines such as Agricultural and Environment studies; Engineering Technology; Health & Medical Studies; Social Development; Regional Development, Poverty & Growth; and Law (10).


183 grants were offered within the EXPERTS4Asia Project, of which 135 are for SSEA to EU and 48 for EU to SSEA. Per type: BA – 20.2%, MA – 26.8%, PhD – 20.2%, Post-Doc – 12.6%, and Staff – 20.2% of which half will be for academic staff and half for personnel concerned with the internationalisation processes and institutional enhancement of the universities. The aim here is to learn techniques regarding university management and administration with reference to the international realm within the EU higher education institutions.


The Joint Coordinator, IPB Bogor, will also ensure that the project is more effective in those aspects requiring a deep knowledge of the country, such as defining vulnerable categories and the recognition of studies.

Regarding the total number of mobility flows, the proposed scheme allows to distribute the project funding to a large number of individuals well over the minimum established by the Call for Proposals.



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