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 The Scholarship


 Step 1: The Scholarship

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  General Overview

  • The EXPERTS scholarships provide funding for academic and administrative mobilities between the EU and twelve targeted countries in South- and South-East Asia [SSEA] (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Indonesia, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand).
  • The academic levels supported by the project are: Undergraduate, Master, PhD, Post-Doc and Staff.
  • The duration of the mobilities range from short-term (exchange mobilities), which are available for all academic levels, to longer stays abroad (full-degree mobilities) for Master and PhD students.
  • Important: the targeted countries and the availability of certain mobilities will depend on the specific call for applications (refer to the Eligibility section).



    Scholarships are only granted to candidates who are applying to Partner Universities:

  • For nationals of the twelve targeted countries in SSEA, your Host Universities in the EU for the ongoing calls are listed here under EU Host Universities
  • For EU nationals, your Host Universities in SSEA for the ongoing calls are listed here under SSEA Host Universities.

    Please always check which programmes/courses are offered by the respective universities and whether you meet their specific admision criteria.


  Financial Coverage

    The aspects listed below are all covered by the respective projects for the entire duration of the mobility:

    Subsistence allowance:

  Academic level Exchange Full Degree Monthly Amount
  Undergraduate   6 months      1000 EUR
  Master   6 - 10 months   10 - 24 months    1000 EUR
  PhD   6 - 10 months   36 months    1500 EUR
  Post-Doc   6 - 10 months      1800 EUR
  Academic and Admin Staff   1 month      2500 EUR

    Insurance costs:

  • All grant holders are insured by a central Group Insurance, which will be centrally organised by the Project Coordination Team upon successfull nomination.
  • Note: the project's health insurance does not cover any medical costs that are due to chronic illness or health problems acquired prior to undertaking the mobility.

   Travel costs:

  • One return ticket will be provided by the Project Coordination Team in direct conjunction with a central travel agency.

   Tuition fees:

  • All grant holders are exempt from paying tuition fees at the Host University. Please note, however, that some Host Universities may charge students additional but small administrative fees. 



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