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Step 5: Documents Required


For all mobilities

  • Copy of passport or other official identification proof
  • CV EUROPASS Format (available here)
  • Two or more Recommendation Letters
  • One Motivation Letter for each selected Host University
  • Copies of previous and current academic Transcript of Records and Diplomas
  • Proof of the language of instruction proficiency (see the bottom of this page for further clarification)


Additional mandatory documents

  • Learning Agreement (for Exchange Undergraduate and Exchange Master - click here)
  • Project/Research/Work Proposal  (for PhD, Post-Doc, and Staff candidates - click here)
  • Invitation or Pre-Acceptance Letter or email confirming the offer of supervision at the host university (for PhD, Post-Doc, and Staff candidates).
  • Proof of vulnerability (for TG3 candidates - for further details see Target Groups)
  • Other documents, if any, explicitly requested by your Host University (e.g. for Uppsala University: Master application form)


Make sure that all the supporting documents are in English or in a language known to the selection committee!

Since some documents may take several weeks to obtain, please make sure you collect them on time. If you are not sure of the definition or the content of these letters/certificates, please refer to our detailed explanation of required documents below.


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Detailed explanation of required documents

  • Language certificate referes to internationally recognised certificates like IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Certificate, etc., or university certificate confirming that current or former studies were conducted completely in English. Important: Language requirements vary according to the programme and Host University. Please consult your Host University website to know more about the language criteria and submit your application accordingly. For Post-Doctorate and Staff candidates language certificates are welcome but not mandatory.
  • Degree Diploma. If at the moment of application, you do not yet have the required degree certification (e.g. Bachelor Diploma), please upload your latest transcript of records, as well as a self-certification letter, ensuring that you will hold the required documents at the time of starting the mobility.
  •  A Recommendation Letter is a written reference designed to offer information about your character and study/work ethic. The letter should consist of information explaining how the referee knows you and the nature of your relationship with them; an honest evaluation of your skills and accomplishments with examples, where relevant; and a statement explaining why the referee would recommend you.
  • A Motivation Letter is a supporting statement to your application and the choices you indicated in the application. It should give a clear idea on what you are applying for and how you found out about that opportunity. In order to support your candidacy, you should indicate the relevance of your skills, achievements and qualifications to the scholarship you apply for and indicate how you think the Host Institution you choose would represent the perfect match to your academic and other aspirations and qualifications and you should point out why you want it. You should outline your interest for the skills you are going to learn if you get the scholarship and how it will fulfill your ambition.
  •  Invitation letter from your future supervisor of the host university (for PhD student or PostDoc candidates). To get an invitation letter, please, do not randomly send requests for invitation letters to lots of people. Instead, check online for particular research groups, chairs, departments and/or professors within the host university, which  work on a topic closely related to your own field of research or thesis! Get in touch with them by explicitly explaining your background and defining your request for an invitation letter, possibly suggesting your research interest or even adding a short proposal. If by doing so, you find a potential supervisor, ensure that you have a document proving the agreement/Invitation. This is preferably an official document signed by the supervising Institution. Please hand it in with your completed application form and all the required documents!
  • Learning Agreement is a study plan that details what subjects/courses you intend to cover during your mobility period. Please complete under "Courses at host institution" with all the courses you intend to take at the expected host university. In order to do this, you will have to take a closer look at the course catalog of your host university. Please visit the corresponding website for more information. "Course equivalence at home institution" is their more and less equivalent course -not necessary in terms of credits, but in terms of content- offered by your current university. You will have to have an equivalent course at you home university for each course you intend to take at your host university. Please note that at this stage, the learning agreement does not need to be certified nor sealed/ signed by any university authority.

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