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   Step 6: Apply online


In order to apply for an EXPERTS scholarship, the Online Application Form needs to be completed and submittedThe uploaded information can be saved and retrieved any time as long as it is before the application deadline. Only submitted applications will be considered.

Do I need to apply to the Host University separately? In order to determine whether this is the case, full degree candidates should refer to their Host Universities' websites for details on the programme specifications. If necessary, make sure that you apply for both EXPERTS and the degree programme simultaneously, respecting each deadline.

By clicking on the project you will be directed to the correspoding Online Application Form. Reading and following the application form instructions is extremely important for an eligible and successfull application!

Start date of the call: Thursday 18th May 2017. Last date for submitting applications for mobilities to the EU or SSEA was Monday 19th June 2017.




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