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Apart from the general EXPERTS-SUSTAIN scholarship eligibility criteria, this call is structured around specific additional criteria. Please read below:


EXPERTS – SUSTAIN Additional Call – Specific Eligibility Criteria

Please note that this is an additional call due to scholarship budget becoming available (following drop out scholarship-holders and withdrawals), hence the number of scholarships on offer is very limited (about 12 scholarships in total).


SSEAN candidates eligible to apply for exchange scholarships in this call:

  1. Undergraduate, Master, Doctoral and Staff Candidates from Afghanistan, Maldives, Bangladesh and the Philippines (of that nationality) for the following host universities: the Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST) in Portugal, the University of Zagreb in Croatia, and the University of Turku in Finland.
  2. Post-Doctorate candidates from the two fields of study mentioned below from the indicated home universities to the specified host universities:


Agricultural / Environment studies


IPB Bogor, Khulna University, Kasetsart University, Pokhara University, Visayas State University, Kabul University --> Göttingen, Uppsala, Turku, Edinburgh, Zagreb, IST, Masaryk




Engineering Technology


IPB Bogor, Royal University of Bhutan, Nanjing University, Kasetsart University, Pokhara University --> Masaryk, IST, Turku, Uppsala, Zagreb


Please note that those host universities indicated in bold will be prioritised in this call for this mobility level.


European Candidates eligible to apply for exchange scholarships in this call:

Please refer to the general eligibility criteria for European candidates in the EXPERTS – SUSTAIN Project.


General Information

Please note that:

  • Undergraduate candidates from SSEA and Europe are especially encouraged to apply in this call.
  • Instituto Superior Tecnico in Portugal will not accept Undergraduate mobilities in this call.
  • In accordance with the EACEA guidelines for academic level and nationality distribution, Undergraduate and Group A (here Bangladesh and Afghanistan) nominations must be awarded in order for any other mobility levels to also be awarded. If no suitable Undergraduate or Group A candidates are found, no further nominations can be awarded since this will negatively impact on the scholarship distribution balances which must be at all times respected.




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